All Stars 3 Weekly Tea Menu


Monday – Week 1

Jacket potato with cheese, beans and peppers

Angel delight and fruit


Tuesday – Week 1

Chicken burgers in rolls with carrots and cucumber



Wednesday – Week 1

Crackers with cheese, cucumber, carrots, melon and grapes

Fruit salad


Thursday – Week 1

Hot dogs with corn on the cob

Mini rolls


Friday – Week 1

Popcorn and biscuits (children’s request)


Monday – Week 2

Fish fingers or Quorn sausages with waffles/wedges and beans


Tuesday – Week 2

Wraps with ham/chicken/veggie ham with cucumber, tomato and grated cheese

Mini rolls

Wednesday – Week 2

Pasta and sauce with sweetcorn

Angel delight and strawberries

Thursday – Week 2

Stuffed cous cous peppers with sweetcorn


Friday – Week 2

Crisps and dips

Monday – Week 3

Sausage rolls or veggie sausage rolls with carrots, cucumber and houmous


Tuesday – Week 3

Pizza and veggies

Fruit – Strawberries, apples and bananas

Wednesday – Week 3

Beans on toast

Mini rolls

Thursday – Week 3

Chicken nuggets or Veggie nuggets with waffles/wedges and beans

Angel delight

Friday – Week 3