About the All Star Clubs

Science Club

Learn interesting science and technology facts by experimenting with different materials that react in surprising ways.  Children will take part in experiments using simple ingredients found around your house.  These experiments are simple, safe and perfect for kids.


Beauty Club

The children will be getting creative, making their own face masks from fruit, vegetables and yoghurts.  They will also be treated to hand and foot massages by the lovely Emma.


 Art & Crafts

All children love to create, the children participate in activities such as Ceramic, wood and foam craft, fabric art and gifts for Mother’s Day and Easter. Come and join the fun!


 Cookery Club

The children will be getting involved and making ham and cheese pinwheels, yoghurt parfait, potato skins with cheese and chive or cheese and ham filling, funny face biscuits, small lasagnes and fruit crumbles.


Performing Arts Club

The children will be guided in the creation of an origin production which they will advertise and perform.  They will learn how to create characters using their voices, body language and costume design.


Friday Fun

On Fridays the children will be able to choose a range of activities as an end of week treat.  We will also have colouring competitions and board game tournaments.


Hockey, Football and other sports

The children will be learning new skills, learning to work as part of a team. They will be having a good exercise workout which will help towards a healthy lifestyle.